To See Is to Know

Chiropractors know that in the body, form follows function. It’s a simple idea: when your body is in proper alignment, you can work at your greatest potential and function optimally. This principle holds true for both children and adults.

Growing up and Taking Tumbles

Superhero kid

We keep your little superheroes in tip top shape!

Our understanding of what is out of alignment in your body can be deepened by taking X-rays. That’s why we take them even on our youngest patients.

Our pediatric patients play football, soccer, wrestle and wear backpacks that are too heavy from their schoolbooks.

When the spine is hit with these repetitive traumas, it actually changes the spinal structure!

Spinal Health Affects General Health

We know that structure dictates function because the nervous system runs through the spine. If there’s a change in the spine’s structure, it interferes with the nervous system that gives life to our bodies.

This type of interference can affect everyone, but especially affects children.

Understanding Exactly How to Help

The reason we take X-rays on children is to make sure that we know exactly how to restore the structure, giving them their best function. We like to continue to see our young patients once a week or every couple of weeks, depending on their activity level.

Our goal as family chiropractors is to make sure your children grow up with straight, healthy spines!

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