Therapeutic Massage in Lansing

closeup relaxing shoulder massageWhile a more “frou frou” type of massage at the spa will help you unwind and transport you to a state of tranquility, we offer therapeutic massages, which address specific physical ailments, limitations, and pain.

Targeted Relief for Recovery

Our clients seek therapeutic massage for various reasons, often stemming from recovery after surgery, sports injuries, strains, or sprains. Additionally, conditions like frozen-shoulder find relief and improved range of motion through targeted techniques.

LMT, Mikki Williams,’ approach primarily revolves around myofascial release. “I like to use myofascial release on specific taunt bands and trigger points, but I tend to utilize a variety of techniques, so all eight approaches to massage therapy are used in a therapeutic massage. I like to cater to exactly what people need,” she said.

‘Everything Hurts! Can you Help Me?’

Mikki sometimes hears a client ask, “My everything hurts-can you help me?” Her response: “Alright, get on the table; I’ll palpate your body and figure it out as we go.”

She starts with whatever’s closest to the area that’s hurting.

For example, if a client has hand pain, Mikki will work on their pecs and their upper backs followed by the biceps, triceps, elbows, forearms, and then the hands. “They’ll find where the milestone was. So if their hand is hurting, then I’ll push a certain point somewhere between the hand and the brain and interrupt that subluxation,” she said. As a result, the nerve pain goes away. Mikki notes that you can have subluxation not just in the bones but also in the nerves.

A Client Success Story

Recently, a client came in with severe foot pain, hindered mobility, and an inability to flex her toes without discomfort. Significant relief was achieved through targeted therapy. Mikki focused on areas of tension along the shin, calf, and knee fascia. By the end of the session, the woman was walking, jumping, and skipping!

How Long Is a Session?

A 30-minute session typically covers one or two body regions while a 60-minute slot is intended for a full-body therapeutic massage. For an extensive whole-body relaxation AND specific therapeutic case, a 90-minute session is ideal. Clients can divide their 90 minute appointments in half with one session focusing on the front and the other on the back.

Your Path to Relief

If you’re tired of putting up with persistent pain or not being able to do what you love because of restricted mobility, therapeutic massage could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Contact Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center today to schedule a session with Mikki!


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