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stretching kneeWhether you’re a dedicated runner, cyclist, CrossFitter, golfer, or pickleball player, you want to perform at your athletic best and feel great. This is where sports massage shines, as it yields some fantastic benefits.

What Is Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a tailored therapy session specifically designed to prepare athletes for their games and facilitate swift recovery afterward. Unlike regular massages, which promote relaxation with slower strokes toward the heart, this type of bodywork takes the opposite approach. It’s a dynamic routine involving percussive therapy such as tapotement and shiatsu, as well as stretches and range of motion exercises. Sports massages are designed to prepare your body for action.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Getting a sports massage isn’t just reserved for professional athletes. Regular individuals, including kids preparing for games or adults preparing for marathons and bowling competitions, can benefit immensely from this type of bodywork.

“Sports massage is like a dynamic warmup. It wakes the body up, electrically,” said Mikki Williams, LMT. “As the massage stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, it helps you prepare for action. The intent is to promote increased blood flow and nervous activity, contrary to a relaxation massage’s focus on the parasympathetic nervous system.”

Supports Recovery

Sports massage also helps to assist in recovery, particularly after heavy training or major athletic events. It helps maintain fluid circulation throughout your body, which is particularly important for athletes engaged in weightlifting or other strenuous physical activities. Another major benefit of this form of bodywork is its versatility: you can use it pre-event, post-event, or even during your training.

Is Time Efficient

Another fantastic benefit of getting a sports massage is its efficiency, as a standard session typically lasts about 30 minutes. If you’re coming in for a recovery session, you might need an hour-long massage, but rarely more.

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