Meet the Team at Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center

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Our passion for chiropractic, massage, and nutrition has grown and carried into our practice from all the people we have met and helped over the years. True miracles have occurred which flames our desire to bring knowledge, healing and wellness to more families and individuals that seek health today and for their future. We continue to commit to our community by providing free mini-seminars on nutrition and chiropractic.

Our deepest fulfillment is witnessing pain disappear, health return to the sick, athletes achieve better performance and actually seeing the improvements in their spine by posture analysis and spinal x-rays.

We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals. Give our Lansing office a call or click here to email us and we can arrange a time to explore your options!

The team here at Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center are known for their professional, friendly demeanors and lasting doctor/patient relationships. If you are looking for chiropractic care from experienced doctors with an incredible amount of expertise in both chiropractic and nutrition, then contact us today!


Meet the Team at Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center | (517) 336-8880