Infant Massage in Lansing

baby feet rubPeople of all ages enjoy getting a massage, even babies! Infant massage takes a mere five minutes and is a beautiful practice that teaches babies how to move and connect with their caregivers, fostering a sense of security and attachment.

Beyond the emotional benefits, infant massage can relieve common discomforts like colic and stiff joints. By applying gentle pressure akin to touching your eyelid, caregivers can help ease tension in the baby’s muscles and promote relaxation.

Additionally, infant massage aids in developing motor skills and supports healthy growth, especially after the strains of childbirth. Other potential benefits include improved sleep, enhanced sensory awareness, reduced stress, and a boosted immune system.


A Touch of Reflexology

Sometimes, infant massage can incorporate elements of reflexology. “When my niece was 3 years old, she had a sinus headache. I got to work on her toe pads and alleviate that pain. Immediately, she sneezed on command. We got all the snot out, and she didn’t have a headache the rest of the day,” said Mikki Williams, LMT.

Massage is a gentle yet powerful way to alleviate discomfort and promote wellness in your little one.

Your Role As the Teacher

As parents, you are the first teachers your baby will ever have. With an infant massage, you teach your baby about their body and its functions while learning about their needs and responses.

When’s the Right Time to Massage Your Baby?

Ensure a minimum of 45 minutes has passed after your baby’s mealtime before starting a massage to avoid potential vomiting.

Gauge your baby’s mood; it’s likely a good time if she’s relaxed and making consistent eye contact. If she is fussy, avoids eye contact, or tenses up when you hold her, it might be a good idea to hold off on the massage.

Pick a time that’s good for both of you. You may choose to massage your baby in the evening, for example, as part of his bedtime routine. It could serve as a soothing ritual to calm him before sleep.

Book an Appointment

If you’d like to learn how to provide infant massage, book an appointment with Mikki today. She also sometimes offers classes. Give our practice a call for more information!


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