Meet Mikki Williams

Licensed Massage Therapist

As an LMT at Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center, Mikki has a deep-rooted passion for helping others through the power of touch. Her journey in massage therapy began at Lansing Community College, which has the highest accredited massage certification in the state. She graduated in 2021.

Mikki profileHer approach to massage is multi-dimensional, offering a calming environment, attentive listening, and a soothing touch, along with a highly therapeutic massage tailored to each client’s preference.

Discovering Her Calling at a Young Age

Mikki’s calling towards massage therapy was evident from a young age. At just five, she instinctively identified a pain point in a stranger’s arm, leading him to predict her future talent in massage therapy. The rest of that week, I massaged my parents’ shoulders before going to bed, then forgot about it until my senior year of high school. When God brought it back to my memory, I went after that dream and never looked back.”

Type of Massage Offered

Mikki offers the following massage methods:

  • Deep tissue
  • Hot stone
  • Infant
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Myofascial release
  • Polarity
  • Positional release
  • Prenatal
  • Relaxation
  • Sport
  • Therapeutic

I like to incorporate a variety of modalities in every session so that people can have their massages customized to their specific needs every single time.

Mikki Williams

Finding Fulfillment Helping Others

The most rewarding aspect of Mikki’s career is witnessing the transformation in her clients after each appointment. The renewal they experience fuels her commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Every three years, she undertakes mandatory continuing education and frequently turns to YouTube snippets of the Massage Olympics to learn new techniques and practices.

Mikki’s mission extends beyond the physical relief of pain. She believes in fostering a holistic healing process, helping her clients shed their baggage and limiting beliefs. With God’s help, she aims to replace these burdens with joy, increased range of motion, and abundant hope.

Outside the Practice

In her spare time, Mikki has diverse interests, ranging from knitting and writing poetry to spending quality time with her niece. She is an active member of the GreenHouse Bible study group at New Hope Church, participating in community activities such as square dancing, karaoke, and board games.

Mikki also runs a YouTube Channel named MidwesternPrincess, where she explores and showcases the best that the Midwest has to offer.

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