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Clinical Nutritionist, RRT

Helena MillerWorking as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) for many years taught Helena what sickness is. “My desire to not end up like the patients I cared for drove me to dabble in natural healing methods. I found this weird thing called muscle testing and was instantly fascinated.” When Helena’s daughter was in kindergarten, she fell ill with symptoms her doctors—not even a specialty doctor—could figure out.

After Helena’s daughter suffered for a month with no answers or help, Helena gave up. She then decided to take her to a naturopath who did muscle testing. “My daughter was better in four days! She ate whole food nutritional supplements; that’s it!”

Helena knew at that moment she had to learn how to muscle test, so she did. “I’m grateful I had the desire and ability to change professions and help people get well without the use of drugs or surgery.”

Education & Professional Development

Helena is trained through Ulan Nutritional Systems and received a Certificate in Mastery of Nutrition Response Testing in 2017. To stay abreast of the latest in the field to help her patients, she has taken countless hours of professional development and continuing education courses. Helena trains multiple times yearly to enhance her ability to handle the most challenging cases.

For Helena, the most fulfilling aspect of being a nutritionist is helping people heal through tough health challenges they were hopeless about. “Giving people hope and a plan to regain their health brings me so much joy.”

When she’s not helping patients, Helena loves spending time with her family and getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Traveling is a big passion of hers, especially anywhere with a beach!

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