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Patient receiving massageMassage has been practiced for thousands of years. There are numerous styles of massage using a variety of pressures, movements, and techniques. All involve pressing, rubbing, or manipulating muscles and other soft tissues using just the hands and fingers, which has proven to be an effective method of relieving stress on the body.

A non-invasive method, massage therapy can benefit any part of the body, including the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and extremities. More people are incorporating it into their wellness routine to help relieve their pain and suffering from injuries.

Why Do I Need Massage Therapy?

Medical practitioners have known for years how issues in the nervous system can affect other bodily systems, including the musculoskeletal system. Muscle tension may cause the body to be out of alignment; massage therapy releases the tension, allowing adjustments to go deeper and last longer. Correction of structural issues is easier, and patients experience less discomfort.

Adding massage therapy and chiropractic care to the care plan enhances both methods of care by improving lymphatic drainage and blood flow by releasing tension in affected areas in the body.

Combining massage therapy with any other modalities increases the benefits the patient receives, helping them maintain optimum health and enjoy life to the fullest. That’s one of the reasons we invite our new patients to have a free massage session when they start care.

Back massage

Experience the Benefits

Massage therapy has helped patients with:

  • Pain relief
  • Joint soreness
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Headaches
  • Rehabilitating sports injuries
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Increased relaxation
  • And more

Our therapist may use a combination of styles to provide patients with the best outcomes, including Swedish, therapeutic, sport, lymphatic drainage, infant, prenatal, postnatal, polarity, hot stone, trigger point, myofascial and positional release, and deep tissue. Techniques used include skin rolling, static touch, rocking, petrissage, effleurage, and circular and cross-fiber friction.

Unless contraindicated, everyone from infants to end-of-life patients may receive massage therapy. If you have an inquiry on your specific condition(s), please consult your physician before booking your appointment.

Preparing for Your Session

The fees for our sessions are:

  • 30 mins $35
  • 60 mins $65
  • 90 mins $90
Patients are asked to follow these directions before coming to the practice:

  • Drink some electrolytes about three hours beforehand.
  • Have a goal in mind or a specific area of pain that you would like the therapist to focus on.
  • Bring a water bottle for the ride home.
  • Arrange your day to avoid vigorous/aerobic exercises for at least three hours after your appointment. Give your body a chance to rest.


Massage Sessions: What to Expect

A 30-minute massage focuses on one or two specific regions, like the neck and shoulders or the glutes and legs. This session is great for targeted therapeutic work, whether you’re seeking pain relief or addressing an area recovering from injury or surgery. Though brief, it’s sufficient to alleviate pain and leave you feeling refreshed.

In a 60-minute session, you have the option of experiencing a full-body relaxation massage or more focused therapeutic work on a few regions, with time left over for relaxation, stretching, and/or range of motion exercises. This length provides ample time to feel renewed and relaxed.

During a 90-minute session, the LMT will perform full-body relaxation twice or therapeutic work plus full-body relaxation once. A 90-minute session is plenty of time to meet your therapeutic massage needs.

Please note that massage is not a one-size-fits-all service, and every session will be tailored to your unique needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend combining chiropractic and massage?
Absolutely! The muscles can pull the bones from the proper alignment that God intended. Cover all the bases by combining muscular and structural alignment so your body can heal rapidly with long-lasting recovery.

What should I wear to the appointment?

Wear something loose and stretchy, such as sweatpants and a sweatshirt, which are perfect.

What should I expect during my first massage session?

We ask that you wait in the lobby and fill out an intake form so Mikki can best serve you. You will complete the form once, but the verbal assessment will be completed indefinitely before each appointment. Next, she will lead you to the massage room to discuss your needs. Once you’re ready, you will have the room to yourself. Mikki will wash her hands while you get situated. We also recommend removing jewelry.

After the session is complete, you and Mikki will reconvene. She will show you a few stretches and discuss a care plan with you, which should take just a few minutes. After you pay at the front desk, you’re all set to go. If you need to rest before driving home, you’re more than welcome to rest in the lobby chairs.

How often should I get a massage?

The frequency of massages varies from person to person. Our LMT advises newcomers to see her more frequently at the beginning of their journey. “Please note that you’re always welcome at my table,” she said.

Is there anything I should do after my session?

Yes! It’s important to rest, stretch, drink water, and avoid vigorous workouts for 3 hours post-massage.

Can I use health insurance to pay for my massage?

It depends on your insurance package. If you’d like, we can find out if your insurance covers this type of bodywork.

Are your massage rooms private and comfortable?

Absolutely! Our LMT’s office is very private, professional, and comfortable. There is a table heater, which is lovely all year round!
What types of massage do you offer?
Mikki offers the following types: relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, sport, infant, prenatal, polarity, hot stone, and lymphatic drainage.

How long are your sessions?

We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates all year round. Massage makes the perfect present!

Does massage hurt?

Our LMT has been trained to customize your session according to your needs, goals, and pain tolerance. “I have a good “feel” (pun intended) for how much pressure to apply,” she said. Mikki also highly encourages communication, which she views as a two-way street.

Are your massage therapists licensed and certified?

Yes, Mikki is an LMT and continuously learning for the benefit of her clients.

Are the oils and lotions used hypoallergenic?

Yes. Our LMT likes to use Sacred Earth botanicals and vegan and nut-free lotion. She also has extra virgin olive oil available for those who need it. Please note that Mikki is allergic to coconut and avocado, so she asks that you do not use lotion at home before your massage. Her lotion is sufficient for all skin types.

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