Meet Dr. Denise Rassel

Dr. Denise profile photoDr. Denise Rassel comes from a large family of chiropractors including parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and sisters. She has five children and five grandchildren. Besides chiropractic she is fully engaged in Christian ministry and balances life with riding horses and participating in seminars of all kinds. She is very passionate and considers helping children and families achieve health her mission.

A Practicing Pair

Dr. Denise met her husband, Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault at Life University and together they planted another community chiropractic practice next to her parents in Lansing, Okemos and East Lansing. Now their daughter Justine is a doctor of chiropractic, Jessica works in the clinic, and the youngest are planning on following in their parents footsteps health care.

Helping to Optimize Patients’ Health

If people don’t take care of their spine, they’re not living to their maximum potential. Children are unnecessarily having health issues because their spines are not taken care of. It’s about maximizing the life flowing through your body that stems from your spine.

We believe firmly in empowering individuals to obtain optimal health. We continue to share from current research, our own beliefs, and the latest seminars, what we have learned through workshops held in the office or off site by invitation.

Her heart is in family care with focus on prenatal and after birth. In an ideal world, children would grow up with health through chiropractic care and not suffer the health issues parents and grandparents have from neglecting spinal care over a lifetime. Foundational health comes from the nervous system and it begins at birth.

From newborns to seniors, from the extremely busy mom to the most serious athlete, and from an individual seeking better posture or a person in serious pain…all find help and improved health through the approach we take here at Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center.


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