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Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiropractic : We Can Help

Ear Infections

Lansing Chiropractors Can help you.

Chiropractic can help just about anyone, regardless of their age.

At our Lansing chiropractic office ear infections and sickly children are a delight to watch heal and stay healthy. If we can get and keep a child in good alignment they will enjoy great health. Keeping children healthy is especially close to our hearts since we have five children and three grandchildren and more and more children are challenged with autism, allergies, and diabetes.


Migraines and headaches are amazing to watch heal. Headache patients typically think they have to live with headaches and have been living with headaches typically a very very long time. They typically respond immediately and are amazed that they did not try chiropractic sooner.

Herniated Disc

Typically the patient with a herniated disc has tried everything but surgery. They are either coming to us because their medical doctor referred them or their medical doctor told them not to come. A herniated or bulging disc no matter how bad will respond to structural rehabilitation. It will heal if given time. Correcting the cause with chiropractic care has saved many patients from long-term drug use and surgery.

Nutritional Response Testing

Lansing Chiropractors explain that using Nutritional Response Testing along with Chiropractic has proved to restore health to people who are seriously ill, have no medical answers, or have been given no options has been a blessing to watch come back to life and health.

Other conditions that we enjoy watching heal are:

  • neuropathy cases
  • fibromyalgia
  • allergies
  • sinus
  • children with serious health issues
  • adults who’s health is spiraling out of control

Actually seeing people regain health by restoring the control of the brain and nervous system by way of realigning the spine is very rewarding.

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