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ScoliBrace® for Scoliosis in Lansing

thoracic SpineMost people have heard of scoliosis. Few, however, know what it involves. At Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiropractic, we work with ScoliCare, a company that has created a new era of bracing for those who have scoliosis. Our team has the expertise and experience to assist children, teens and adults who have trouble with scoliosis.

Scoliosis is an advancing, lateral curvature of the spine. When viewed from the side, the spine should have curves; however, when viewed from the front, the spine should be straight.

Providing Effective Correction

To assist patients with scoliosis, we offer the highly effective ScoliBrace. This custom-designed over-corrective brace can improve curves up to those around 60 degrees. Because the ScoliBrace opens and closes in the front, it’s also easy to wear and remove without assistance.


What causes scoliosis?

Surprisingly, the most common type of scoliosis is said to be due to unknown origins, also called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Research indicates that there may be a genetic factor involved that affects spinal growth.

Are there options for adults and children?

Yes! The ScoliBrace is appropriate for children and adults. If you are an adult, you may have scoliosis that originates from your adolescence. It can also develop during adulthood.

How will you design a brace that suits my needs?

Since scoliosis is a three-dimensional condition, it requires a 3D solution. The BraceScan technology from ScoliCare uses full-body laser scanning, X-rays and photographs that show your posture. Each brace is custom-created for you using computer-aided design. The fabrication process is carried out thanks to computer-aided manufacturing, so the brace is precisely made to meet your needs.

What happens if scoliosis is left unaddressed?

If you have been told to wait and see if you or your child’s scoliosis improves, there is no harm in seeking a second opinion. You may be suffering from symptoms such as shoulder humping, pain, poor posture and muscle weakness. If it is caught early, you can avoid these symptoms. Bracing has been shown to be effective in halting the progression of scoliosis and diminishing the need to resort to surgery.

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